Azure Cosmos DB

Working with Azure Cosmos DB usually is a pleasure. The initial setup process is fast and easy, working with documents very intuitive and once you go to production you don’t encounter any scaling barriers. It might not be the cheapest database out there, but you get what you pay for. Weiterlesen


If you are using any kind of electronic device, you are probably repeating certain actions multiple times per day. For example, you go to a specific website frequently every day (such as your favorite online newspaper or social networking site). In the same way, you repeat certain actions in your workplace, such as going to a admin portal or network directory several times per day.
One such action probably costs you a couple of mouse clicks or a bit of thinking (…hmm what was the name of the network directory again?). It might seem insignificant at first, but if you consider how much time you spend on this per month, then it starts to add up.
Graphical User Interfaces (GUI’s) have made computers easier to use and more accessible to the multitudes. It definitely has its advantages. However, if you compare it to traditional command line interfaces, it takes longer to achieve your objectives. With a bit of technical savvy and the right toolset, great productivity gains are within your reach.
This is where Powershell comes into play. Powershell is a windows shell with a greatly enhanced command set when compared to traditional shells like MS DOS. Powershell links seamlessly to the .NET libraries, giving you access to a very rich toolset within a command line context.
Creating custom commands within a shell is not something new, and Powershell also allows you to do this. In this post, we want to show how you can utilize the idea of creating your own custom commands in Powershell to increase your productivity. Weiterlesen

Since Powershell Core supports Linux, you might want to test your Powershell Module if it works on Linux as it works on Windows. You could setup a virtual machine, which is a litte time consuming and cumbersome. You could use a continous integration service like AppVeyor which does not allow to debug if the test fails.
Another option would be Docker. But anyway i tested the Windows Linux Subsystem (WLS) and it’s pretty good! Weiterlesen

DevOps findet immer größere Verbreitung bei IT-Projekten. Ob im StartUp, beim Mittelständler oder im Konzern-Umfeld, kann der DevOps-Modus für Projekte handfeste Vorteile bringen, die sich von Fall zu Fall leicht unterscheiden können. Sei es Strukturierung der Prozesse für kleine Projekte, wo Trennung von Entwicklung, Betrieb und Qualitätssicherung nicht wirtschaftlich waren. Oder sei es für große Projekte, in denen Planung, Kommunikation und Abnahmen zu größeren Zeitspannen zwischen Anforderung und GoLive führen und damit zum Projektrisiko wurden. Allgemein sollen sich Qualität, Geschwindigkeit und Soziales Klima verbessern. BI-Projekte nehmen hier häufig eine Sonderrolle ein. Das ist aber nicht notwendig.

Steffen Kampmann von der Tekaris GmbH hat dazu einen Vortrag bei der PASS Bayern gehalten. Der Vortag erklärt die zentralen Konzepte und Methoden von DevOps, die Besonderheiten in BI-Projekten, die technischen Lösungsansätze von Continuous Deployment in Microsoft SQL Server mit ihren Alltagsproblemen und einen Erfahrungsbericht.

Dazu sind auch Folien Github Repository der PASS Bayern veröffentlicht worden.




  1. an experienced and trusted adviser.
    "he was her friend and mentor until his death"
    synonyms: adviser, guide, confidant, confidante, counsellor, consultant, therapist.


  1. advise or train (someone, especially a younger colleague).

During my career so far, I have been at different companies, in different countries. I have had the pleasure to work with many different colleagues from different cultures. This leads to learning a lot of different approaches to dealing with situations in the work-place, as well as individual growth.

For some people individual growth and/or dealing with work-place situations comes easier than for others, but in any case, a form of guidance makes dealing with these two aspects of a career a lot more managable. Even though one might not feel like they have a need for a mentor, it never hurts to have somebody available.

Personally I’ve had multiple mentors up until now, either because one was proposed to me by my employer, because they felt it was good to have such a resource available, or because I requested somebody to be my mentor, or because quite simply… They never actually found out I considered them a mentor for me. One might argue that in a way these people are role-models, but then again, these were role models I had access to. I could ask them questions. I could make mistakes in front of them, and they would be able to help me avoid making the same, or similar mistakes in the future. Weiterlesen


When it comes to Mobile App Development, there are basically two approaches you can adopt to get on track. You can either go for native development with Swift for iOS and/or Java/Kotlin for Android, or for a cross-platform solution. Cross-platform solutions allow for writing a single code base while being able to deploy the application on several target operating systems. Cross-platform solutions comprise the two approaches truly native and hybrid development.
This article classifies the different approaches before going into detail with NativeScript – a framework which allows for writing native applications entirely with web technologies, e.g. JavaScript/TypeScript and Angular. Weiterlesen

Als Ziele digitaler Transformation gelten folgende, scheinbar im Widerspruch befindliche Ziele:

  • erhöhte Geschwindigkeit, um Software schneller an den Kunden zu bringen oder geänderte Anforderungen und Kunden-Feedback schneller umzusetzen
  • Realisierung von Kostensenkungen
  • und erhöhte Qualität.

Schnelle Entwicklungszyklen bei hoher Qualität und sicherem Betrieb.
Software, die Business- und Qualitätsziele erfüllt und Compliance-Anforderungen genügt, wird automatisiert ausgerollt – und der Betrieb läuft. Idealerweise gilt: Jedes Inkrement an Änderungen am Code ist potentiell sofort auslieferbar (potentially shippable increment), ohne Qualiätsverluste. Weiterlesen

With the .NET Framework, creating and delivering WebJobs to a WebApp in Azure has never been so easy, using the WebJobs SDK of Azure. Unfortunately, as I am writing this article, the WebJobs SDK is not available for .NET Core.

We will see in this article how to integrate some .NET Core WebJobs into a .NET Core WebApp and how to deploy them using VSTS. Weiterlesen

Popular applications do not owe their success to the fact that they only do what they are functionally supposed to do. Successful applications do so in an intuitive, efficient and ideally even fun to use way. You might have stumbled upon the terms User Experience (UX) and Usability. While often used synonymously, they bear a different meaning. There are many articles that take up that issue and illustrate the differences and similarities between the two terms. In fact, this article won’t go without at least a short definition and classification of User Experience and Usability. However, beyond that, it is supposed to give a short introduction on how to create usable, fashionable and fun to use applications by going into the design process and thus trying to provide you with an appropriate mindset in order to create applications with high usability and a good User Experience yourself. Weiterlesen

Imagine wanting to develop an application which has the main purpose to store, process and deliver data. Your data model is mature enough, you have a decent interface in place. Basically, the whole application is functioning well as a whole and is technically fulfilling its primary requirements. But what is the next step? The users of the platform might want to run statistics or analysis? The interface is not to the liking of all users? Or maybe it would be nice if the platform could be used from other applications through integration with add-ons or such? How would we go about that? Weiterlesen